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Who is KIA Canada?

Kia Canada is a company formed in 1999 as a subsidiary of Kia Motors Corporation serving the Canadian market. It is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, where it employs approximately 180 people.

How did we help them build their brand?

**Short Summary:**Exciting news from Kia Motors! FX Productions Canada is thrilled to unveil 12 captivating videos in English and French, introducing the cutting-edge KIA EV9 to the Canadian market in 2024. These videos serve dual purposes—fueling marketing efforts and providing training for engineers, sales, and KIA staff. With a fresh perspective and innovative approach, FX Productions Canada is dedicated to helping brands like KIA accelerate growth through compelling visual storytelling.

Unveiling Innovation and Elegance

Explore the future of driving with the KIA EV9, our latest addition to the Kia Motors lineup. This groundbreaking electric vehicle combines innovation and elegance, setting new standards for sustainability and sophistication. From its cutting-edge technology to its sleek design, the KIA EV9 promises a driving experience that goes beyond expectations.

Innovative Technology

The KIA EV9 showcases state-of-the-art technology, including advanced electric propulsion systems and smart connectivity features.

Sustainable Performance

As an electric vehicle, the EV9 contributes to a greener future, offering impressive performance without compromising environmental sustainability.

Sleek and Stylish Design

With a focus on elegance, the EV9 boasts a modern and aerodynamic design, turning heads on the road while maximizing efficiency.

This is what they had to say about working with us...

Richard Searle
Richard SearleOwner @ ILS & Partner with KIA Canada
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Edward, Ali and the FX team brought enthusiasm and professionalism to our recent Independent Learning Systems (ILS) training video project for our client Kia Canada. Our client was extremely happy with the final product and we will definitely being working with FX Productions again for our next project with Kia Canada and we hope to have the other opportunity to work with them for other clients also. I would be happy to recommend them or provide a reference for anyone else considering working with Edward, Ali and their team.

Frunk & Electronic Hood

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Insulation Test

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Fingerprint Authentication System

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Battery Inspection EV9

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High Voltage Battery Removal

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Capacitance Verification

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Battery Inspection EV6

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Auto Flush Door Handles

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