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Who is Boardgains?

Designed by personal trainer & group fitness instructor, Eric has designed the ultimate fitness board game that is perfectly tailored for group workouts

How did we help them build their brand?

ric contacted us to produce video content for his upcoming Kickstarter Campaign. With a tight deadline and short notice, our team was able to shoot, edit, and deliver the main Kickstarter video for his campaign plus social media videos. His campaign went on to be a success, raising $14,228 out of the pledged $13,000 CAD!

Boardgains' Triumph in Crowdfunding

In collaboration with personal trainer and group fitness instructor Eric, we played a pivotal role in launching Boardgains, the ultimate fitness board game designed for group workouts.

Kickstarter Triumph

Despite tight deadlines, our team successfully delivered the main Kickstarter video and social media content, contributing to Boardgains surpassing its crowdfunding goal.

Brand Recognition

Our collaboration not only fueled Boardgains’ crowdfunding triumph but also played a crucial role in establishing and enhancing the brand’s recognition within the fitness and board game communities.

Impressive Funding

The Kickstarter campaign proved highly successful, raising $14,228, surpassing the pledged amount of $13,000 CAD, showcasing the effectiveness of our video content in engaging and mobilizing supporters.

This is what they had to say about working with us...

Eric Mathura
Eric MathuraAbout 3 years ago
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Best Experience having this company create content for me. They knew exactly what I wanted and delivered above and beyond by expectations. I was lucky to find them on Instagram! The best experience about the whole thing is they work as a team, so its not just one person. And will definitely be using them for all my future projects! 🎲💪💚

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