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What is Newfore Inc?

As a prominent construction and renovation company headquartered in Hamilton, ON, Newfore takes pride in its expertise in transforming various spaces, including homes, apartments, gyms, medical facilities, restaurants, and bars.


Witness the latest addition to our impressive portfolio as Newfore ventures into the realm of detached garage renovations. Inspired by the ingenious mind of our owner and founder, Seif El-Sahly, we embark on a groundbreaking initiative to convert abandoned or unused detached garages into fully functional homes. These remarkable spaces offer endless possibilities, whether you're seeking an Airbnb rental or a cozy haven for your family.


We capture the visionary essence behind Seif El-Sahly's brilliant idea, showcasing the transformation that turns forgotten structures into welcoming homes.

How did we help them build their brand?

Embark on a captivating journey with us as we collaborate with Seif to create an extraordinary series of videos, intended to pitch to HGTV producers. Our primary goal was to showcase the exceptional team, vibrant atmosphere, and the overall construction process of Newfore.


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a highly dynamic 17-minute pilot episode that exudes creativity and professionalism. Through multiple productive meetings, we meticulously crafted a script that perfectly encapsulated the essence of the pilot episode. This allowed us to plan and execute five strategically coordinated shoot days, ensuring a seamless storytelling experience despite the non-chronological nature of the content.


The first four shoot days were dedicated to capturing engaging talking segments, while the fifth day was exclusively dedicated to obtaining necessary permissions from Transport Canada for breathtaking drone footage of Hamilton and capturing awe-inspiring sunrise shots during the golden hour. This challenging endeavor pushed our team to new heights, and the final product exceeded all expectations, leaving Seif delighted with the outcome.


To generate excitement and anticipation for the pilot episode, we meticulously crafted a trailer video that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Newfore's vision. Seif's enthusiastic response to the trailer led to its live airing on CHCH, a prominent local TV network in Hamilton. We invite you to click here to watch and immerse yourself in the captivating preview.


In addition to the pilot episode and trailer, we set out to create a compelling website video that showcases the finished product. This video was thoughtfully designed to seamlessly auto-play on Newfore's website, leaving visitors captivated by the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Furthermore, our dedicated team crafted three captivating Instagram reels tailored for Newfore's social media platforms and advertising purposes. These reels serve as enticing glimpses into the world of Newfore, engaging and captivating audiences across various social media channels.

This is what they had to say about working with us...


Founder @ Newfore Inc.

Professional, solid team! One thing I particularly enjoyed about working with Ali and Edward is they always deliver what they promise. They're ahead of schedule and deliverables are always above expectation.

Pilot Episode to pitch to HGTV

Real Estate Video of completed Garage

Website Video

Pilot Episode

Behind The Scenes

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