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Who is Manorgate Homes?

We worked with Manorgate Homes to visually showcase their 14-month-long residential construction project. Our team of Advanced drone pilots worked with the project managers of Manorgate Homes to showcase the before and after of a full residential block!

How did we help them build their brand?

After consulting with the managers at Manorgate Homes, FX Productions Toronto was able to come up with a detailed and accurate pre-determined flight path that was replicated on a monthly basis over a span of 14 months. Once our team had the overall production plan to execute a very detailed and long production, Manorgate Homes was able to showcase their before and after for a large residential pre-construction to finalization project.

Elevating Manorgate Homes

In collaboration with Manorgate Homes, we embarked on a transformative 14-month residential construction project. Our team of Advanced drone pilots seamlessly worked with Manorgate’s project managers, capturing the essence of their before-and-after residential block development.

Transformative Aerial Perspectives

Witness the evolution of Manorgate Homes’ residential project through 14 months of precision aerial storytelling.

Beyond Construction: A Visual Chronicle

Join us in a visual journey as we capture the essence of Manorgate Homes’ 14-month residential construction, from inception to completion.

Crafting Excellence, Building Brands

Explore how FX Productions Toronto collaborated with Manorgate Homes to visually elevate their residential construction project and establish a lasting brand identity.

Behind The Scenes

Unity in Action

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