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Spec Ad (proof of concept)


Why did we invest so heavily into this production?

The birth of FX Productions Canada Inc. was motivated by an insatiable desire to create visual masterpieces that would leave viewers inspired. As co-founders, we had a deep love for making breathtaking videos, especially those that were set in fast cars, from the beginning. But we were aware that entering the automotive business wouldn't be easy. We were intimidated by the work ahead and confronted many difficulties that made us wonder if we had what it took to succeed in the major leagues.

However, we didn't have a reputation for giving up easily. We were determined to go beyond what was feasible and attempt productions that seemed unachievable. We wanted to show the world and ourselves that FX could make productions that broke down barriers and disproved any preconceived ideas about what was possible, regardless of access to or lack of resources. 

Our crew meticulously planned every aspect of the shoot for two weeks, making no assumptions. With the assistance of our incredible staff, we secured the largest race track in Ontario, Canada, and set the scene for IL TORO's debut. Although the production process was difficult and draining, the goal remained the same.

Instantly popular, IL TORO enthralled viewers and received over 40,000 internet views. (and counting). It was a turning point in our journey for us as founders and confirmation of all the effort and commitment we had put into realizing our goal of starting a production business from scratch. We didn't, however, end there. We are aware that this was only the beginning and that we needed to keep breaking new ground.

What follows for FX then? Another automotive commercial production, of course! And this time, we're doing more than just speculating; we're actually making it happen. Taking the industry by storm by one mind-blowing production at a time, FX Productions Canada Inc. is positioned to do so with unwavering passion and unrelenting drive. 

How did it help us build our own brand?

Producing a SPEC AD of this caliber has solidified FX Productions' reputation as trailblazers in the business. We have been relentless in our quest of excellence. However, we're not satisfied to savor our achievements. Our team has already landed its next car project thanks to the success of our most recent production, IL TORO, and we're looking for more.


Our team never gives up on a task, even when we don't have the "best of the best" tools or resources. By pushing each piece of equipment we have to its absolute limit, we make it perform for us and raise the bar for the quality of our finished product. For us, creating visually stunning content is secondary to telling captivating and motivating tales to audiences.


We're always looking for new methods to innovate, push the envelope, and remove constraints on what is possible. What distinguishes us from the competition is our desire to produce works that break down barriers and demolish preconceived ideas of what is possible. 

Behind The Scenes

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