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Modular Couches Commercials for Social


Who is FEYDOM?

Feydom offers a range of products for interior design and home improvement. Typically, Feydom furniture is known for its modern and contemporary designs, often incorporating modular and multifunctional elements.


Feydom began a transformative journey in 2017, aiming to produce environmentally sustainable products. Through Project HOOOPE, they focused on restructuring their production process, investing in renewable resources, and fostering transparency and accountability in their company ethos. Feydom is committed to creating a greener future.

How did we help them build their brand?

Feydom entrusted us with an exhilarating challenge: crafting twenty captivating high-end commercials tailored specifically for social media platforms as vertical videos. In a remarkable feat, we accomplished this task within a span of just 12 hours, diligently capturing every frame to showcase the essence of Feydom's exquisite offerings.

FEYDOM's objective for our team was to facilitate their brand's further expansion into the North American market. To achieve this, we produced twenty mini social media commercials aimed at raising awareness and driving customer conversions within the new demographic.


To ensure an impeccable production, we assembled an exceptional team of specialists, each armed with their expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

This is what they had to say about working with us...


Owner @ Feydom Canada Ltd

Working with Edward and Ali has been a breath of fresh air. I am extremely satisfied with the whole process and I will be sure to use them again in the future. They helped us create 20 reels for our business that we have for modular furniture. They worked tirelessly, in a timely manner, making sure everything goes as planned. On the day shooting, they involved other talented people to help with the whole production process. I highly recommend FX Production for their services as they understand the market and they know how to deliver a product that will catch your audience's attention.

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