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Who is Canadian BBQ Boys?

Canadian BBQ Boys are a fully mobile residential BBQ cleaning service.We worked with Canadian BBQ Boys to produce their first ever commercial. Our production team worked closely with the founder of the company, Mike Sutton, to come up with an eye-catching, relatable, and overall memorable commercial spot for use in their website pages and social media promotions.

How did we help them build their brand?

After having an in depth consultation call with the team at Canadian BBQ Boys, our team dug deep to have a good understanding of their target audience, their value proposition, and their overall goal for their marketing campaign. From there, we developed a detailed script and a storyboard to present to the founder for review, and approval. From there, our production specialists did their magic to produce these videos.

Crafting Canadian BBQ Boys' Brand Identity

Canadian BBQ Boys, a fully mobile residential BBQ cleaning service, entrusted us to produce their inaugural commercial. Working closely with founder Mike Sutton, our production team aimed to create an eye-catching, relatable, and memorable commercial for integration into their website and social media platforms.

Strategic Consultation

Through an in-depth consultation with Canadian BBQ Boys, our team gained insights into their target audience, value proposition, and overarching marketing goals, laying the foundation for a tailored production approach.

Production Magic

With the approved script and storyboard in hand, our production specialists worked their magic to bring the vision to life. The result was a visually compelling commercial that not only showcased the services. 

Script and Storyboard Development

Utilizing the gathered information, we meticulously developed a detailed script and storyboard, ensuring alignment with the company’s vision. This collaborative process allowed for the founder’s review.

This is what they had to say about working with us...

Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton President & Founder @ Canadian BBQ Boys
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Great experience working with these guys! Highly recommend!!

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