A Guide to Social Media Video Production for Businesses

Video production is a highly effective technique in the world of marketing. It is rapidly evolving every day based on changing consumer preferences and behaviors. From conventional video production to modern social media video production, this common yet powerful technique is used by businesses to engage targeted audiences and maximize profits. Social media video production allows businesses to be creative and interactive. Businesses use various social media platforms to promote their content and attract the audience’s attention. Social media content production is not a trend anymore; it has become a necessity for businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

How Social Media Video Production Benefits a Brand

Social media video production has numerous advantages for business and digital marketing is becoming dominant over traditional marketing practices. Let’s discuss the benefits of social media video production. 

Improve Engagement

Social media videos are an extremely effective way to increase brand engagement. More engagement means more people have seen the video, liked it, commented on it, shared it, or saved it. Business pages with higher engagement rates are considered to be more authentic. Social media video production gives businesses leverage to increase their engagement by creating emotional connections with viewers that are hard to achieve through static infographics or pictures alone. 

Increased Sales 

Videos are considered a powerful tool to convey complex and large amounts of data. Social media is the biggest marketing platform, and there are plenty of marketing strategies used by marketers to generate conversions. Social media video production is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by marketers to increase sales. A study shows that 74% of the viewers who watched a demonstration video of the product purchased that product. (Source: Jones)

Tips to Produce an Amazing Social Media Video

Let’s discuss some tips that can help you in the social media video production of your business. Three phases of social video production are pre-production, production, and post-production.

tips to produce an amazing social media videos

Pre Production:

Before production is started, strategizing for pre-production is essential. Plan everything ahead and make informed decisions.

Plan Your Video

Planning is one of the essential parts of any project. A strong plan can make your actual production run quite smoothly. Ensure the objective of your video aligns with the goal of your business.
Learn more about how you can better plan your video projects using storyboarding.

Analyze the Social Media Platform 

Analyze which social media platform is more suitable and effective for your business goal. Different platforms have their own recommended resolutions, formats, and video durations that can make your video more appealing and effective. Choose the platform that best suits your video objective. Facebook recommends using the MP4 format with a resolution of 1080p or less, and the video duration must be less than 240 minutes. Instagram’s recommended resolution for videos is 1080p. Duration recommended by Instagram for reel videos is 15 seconds to 90 seconds; feed video is 3 seconds to 60 seconds; live video is 1 second to 4 hours; and story video is 1 second to 60 seconds. Optimize your videos as per the recommended guidelines for each platform you want to post your video on. 

Analyze the Targeted Audience

Analyze who is your targeted audience. Your video objectives must align with the interests of your targeted audience. Factors that can help you in making a more appealing video for your targeted audience are their decision making process, age bracket, cultural preferences, geographical location(s), behavioral insights etc.  

Identify the Video Type 

Identify which kind of video can best serve your business and convey the clear and concise message you want to send. Either it should be a how-to video of your product, a specs-related video, a FAQ video, a demo video of your product, or the brand story. Also pinpoint the video type, whether it be a mini-video, vlog, reel, story, feed, podcast, etc. 


Once you are clear about how you can achieve your marketing goal through your video using different social media platforms, you can now move on to actual production. You can use the below-mentioned tips to make your actual production smooth and achieve your desired results. 

Use Good Equipment

Use high-quality equipment to shoot the video. If your business doesn’t have the capacity to buy expensive cameras and spend hundreds of dollars on them, you can still make a good video using a smartphone or a less expensive camera. Focus on lighting; good lighting plays an important role in the quality of video. Use a mic for voice quality and a tripod to enhance video quality. Read more about the equipment here.

Use Editing tools

Use good editing tools once you have completed the social media video production. Add the best shots, trim and cut effectively, add captions to your video, remove noise, and add different transition effects to make the video more catchy. Add light music, as long as it doesn’t impact the message you want to convey. Check out the best video editing software of 2024 here.

Be Clear and Concise

Be clear and make it short. With increased social media content production, the attention span of the audience has decreased significantly. Users prefer shorter videos. You can check out the recommended duration of each platform.

Call to Action

Add a call to action at the end of your video to give the audience clear direction about what is expected of them after completing the video. How do you want them to engage with your video? It can be a visit to your website, signing up for a newsletter, subscribing to your channel, etc. 

After Production:

Once you have completed the production of your video, now focus on how you can post it on social media for maximum reach, creating traffic, and increasing sales.

Post and Promote

Work on your posting strategies. Consider the most effective time preference of your target audience, including time zones, and add relevant hashtags to reach the audience. You can also use paid promotions such as paid ads, influencer marketing, sponsor content, etc. Figure out what will be the best promotion strategy for your social media video.

Monitor the Performance

Once the production and posting are done, it’s time to monitor the performance of your social media video ad. Different social media platforms have their own data analytics tools to track the performance of your ad. After careful monitoring of your social media video, you can now focus on how to improve on your next video.


Social media video production is the art of creating a compelling video using combinations of skills such as innovation, visual storytelling, design aesthetics, communication, and analytical thinking. Social media content production has become extremely competitive and challenging as more businesses, brands, and individuals have started to recognize the importance of online presence and digital marketing. Every business, regardless of its size, has moved towards social media content. Video production is a great strategy to keep the audience engaged, develop their trust in your branding, increasing brand awareness, and boosting sales. Social media video production also allows users to view actual feedback on your products and services by receiving online reviews and testimonial videos of customers. If social media video production is blended correctly with digital marketing techniques and strategies, it has the capability to increase sales for businesses in the digital realm.

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