Role of Video Marketing in Today’s Digital Age

Marketing is one of the fastest-evolving industries in today’s digital age. Although it has been there for centuries and is evolving continuously as per customers’ behavior, its evolution in the last two decades is remarkable. It has completely changed the dynamics of marketing strategies. Traditional marketing strategies have become less popular among modern marketers. Since digital technologies are emerging, digital platforms have become the major medium of marketing. Digital marketing covers various sets of tools and technologies serving different purposes as per the goal of the marketing strategy. Video marketing is a technique used since the beginning of marketing. However, it has become more common and impactful since the advent of digital marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

 Video marketing is a powerful strategy used by brands and businesses to promote their products and services through different marketing channels all over the world. Video marketing is considered a highly effective strategy used by marketers to create brand awareness, engage and reach the target audience, and generate sales.  

The Importance of Videos in Marketing

Videos are impactful because they provide a visual presentation of information; therefore, they are easy to remember. Studies show users prefer visual content over text content and dynamic content over static content. Dynamic content is effective in conveying complex information and creating an emotional connection with the audience. Every brand and business, irrespective of their size, should utilize videos as a marketing technique.

Previously, video marketing was quite an expensive process; it required large budgets, a production and modeling team, professional equipment, and experience. Smartphones have transformed this complex process into a simple one.

Making a video for business promotion has now become cost-effective and accessible to everyone. You can make a video for your business by simply using your smartphone. You can also use video editing software that is easily available online. Using video editing tools, you can edit your video, add voice overs, captions, and thumbnails at minimal cost. Check out a link to this free video editing software.

Although making a video is just a tap away, creating a compelling video that can achieve your marketing goals is still very challenging. The Internet is flooded with tons of videos on a daily basis; therefore, your video must be convincing enough to keep the user engaged to convey the message you want to send across.

There are a lot of video production companies available all around the globe that provide digital marketing services for brands and businesses. They devise a marketing plan as per your business’s marketing goals. Check out one of the fastest growing video production agency in the country, FX Productions Canada

Why Video Marketing

Ever wonder why video marketing is so effective and has become so important for every growing business? It’s because of the diverse advantages businesses can gain through video marketing. 

video marketing advantages

Emotional Connection with the Audience

Creating content online has made it easy for brands to create an emotional connection with their customers. Telling an inspirational story, sharing behind-the-scenes (BTS) shots, and adding bloopers gives users a glimpse of the humans on the other side of their device, which allows them to make a human connection with your brand. 

Improve Engagement

Keeping the brand alive on digital channels is really important for businesses in this digital era; otherwise, brands might get lost in the crowd. Video content increases engagement on the brand’s website or pages. The more the video aligns with the interests of the targeted audiences, the more it will be liked, shared, and saved. Resulting in increased engagement on the brand page. Good videos capture audiences attention, retain it throughout the video, and prompt active interaction.

Brand Awareness

Video marketing is also effective in creating brand awareness among target audiences. In fact, the objective of a certain video marketing campaign can be to create brand awareness. According to a study conducted by Aminito, 93% of brands have increased sales due to video marketing. Read more about the statistics here. Posting video content on social media platforms has made it easy for brands to reach a broader audience. 

SEO Ranking

Video marketing is a great way to increase engagement time; it also increases the chance to appear higher in search engines. Adding good-quality and relevant video can rank your website or social media page highly on Google search engine result pages. According to a study, video marketing increases the chance of appearing on the front page of Google search results by 53%. 

Return on Investment

Video marketing is proven to provide long-term benefits for businesses. Several marketers have mentioned the impact of video marketing on ROI. According to Wyzowl, 90% of businesses have generated positive ROI through video marketing. 

Higher Sales

Generating higher sales is the major objective of every marketing strategy and goal of every business. Video marketing is a great way to demonstrate how your product works, answer targeted audience queries, provide details about the specs of your product, and much more. Once you have gained the trust of the audience, it will help boost your sales and increase brand loyalty.


Video marketing is the art of engaging potential customers through engaging video content. A lot of factors contribute to the efficiency of video content. Creating high-quality content, keeping it optimized, and focusing on recommended video lengths on certain digital platforms can help you stand out from the crowd. Social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc. are the main platforms used for video marketing. Every platform has its own recommended guidelines related to marketing content that can make your content more effective and impactful.

To enjoy the long-term benefits of video marketing, businesses should start investing in improving their video creation, editing, and marketing skills. It can either be arranging training sessions for their team, enrolling them in a video marketing course, or encouraging them to get a relevant certification. Improving video marketing strategies continuously not only generates higher sales for businesses, but it also contributes positively to ROI, brand awareness, user engagement, SEO ranking, and other benefits.

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